004 - Cremation

September 24, 2017

All about cremation! The period of time between when I saw my mom's body, and when I received a box of ashes from the funeral home really started to bother me. What happened? How did she go from being human-sized to fitting neatly in a small box? So, I took a class on cremation and learned a whole heck of a lot. Get the low down about cremation here.


Links mentioned in the cast:

Ask a Mortician - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi5iiEyLwSLvlqnMi02u5gQ

Green Burial Council - http://greenburialcouncil.org/

Mt Hope Cemetery - http://www.cityofrochester.gov/mounthope/

Friends of Mt Hope - http://www.fomh.org/


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003 - Arrangements

September 9, 2017

Planning for mom's funeral started the day she died, and it was a lot to deal with. I learned a lot from that experience and would do a lot differently if I could go back. 


Shout out to Mt Hope cemetery in Rochester, NY. They are the best and I'm going there when I die. More info here:



002 - Death

August 27, 2017

Welcome to episode 2! Today I'll be telling you about the day my mom died; July 28, 2017. While this episode isn't gross or gory, it is a fairly blunt description of death, so, I mean, be advised.

This is a casual description of my experience of my mom's death, as well as things I learned through that experience. I've squeezed as much about that day as I could into an hour, but, I don't think I'll ever have talked enough about it. I feel a little better every time I tell the story, but I do wonder if there will ever be a time when I'm not itching to tell it.

Thank you so much for listening and helping to facilitate my grief catharsis. Remember, though, that while the main theme of this cast is me working through my grief surrounding mom's death, that isn't the only thing I want it to be about. Please feel free to tell me your own stories of grief and what you learned through the process. Email me at GriefReliefPodcast@gmail.com. I'll read your email on a future cast.


001 - Introduction

August 26, 2017

Hi! I'm Nick and this is the first (short) episode of my new podcast about dealing with, and learning from, grief. This is just a short introduction to let you know what to expect. If you dig it, fear not! I'll be back real soon with episode 2.

Toward the end it may become clear that a lot has been edited out. Sorry about that! I just sort of rambled for over 45 minutes about all sorts of stuff and I eventually decided that a stream of consciousness might not make for the best episode. Don't worry, though. Each of those little ribbons of a story will get it's own episode in the future.